Going on your own or just trying to find side work can be difficult to start, trust me I’ve been there. I’m going to share a few tips I’ve had success with in the past to find new clients. I’m a web developer, but I think these strategies could work for anyone.

This is by far the most important, at least in my opinion, way to get new clients and spread the word about what you’re doing. Find a local BNI group or any local networking group in your city. Networking groups are a great way to open the door to many opportunites. Also, attend events within your industry of work to help meet other people. Depending on what city you live in there are plenty of events each year. I know Denver has plenty of tech events. You can meet hundreds if not thousands of people at these events. Get involved in whatever you can in your city it will help.

2. SEO
I would hope you have a website. If not consider one immediately. SEO is a great way to get yourself found faster online. This takes many different resources and is an on-going process. For one, your website needs to be properly optimized with coding and styles. You’ll want to do lots of reseach on many different search terms and long tail keywords. More and more people are searching with long tail keywords. These are searches with 3 to 4 keyword phrases. When people are searching these they know exactly what they want. These Visitors would be quality leads because of their exact searches. I could go on and on about what else to do with SEO and I will just not today. I will have a post on SEO soon so stay tuned.

3. Online Websites
There are pleny of onine sources if you’re trying to freelance or trying to find quick clients for your business. Honestly I’m not much of a fan of these websites though. I’ve had luck before and still use them, mainly Upwork. Bad thing is they are filled with people overseas under cutting what I charge. I’ve heard some writers and designers say the same thing. So if you want to work for a lot less then go for it. If I find anything it’s only a few hours with of work. Anything more than that I stay away from, because I don’t want to give my services away for free. All else fails it’ll help build your portfolio.

4. Cold Calling
The worst one of them all but can be very rewarding. I’ve learned to call between 8am to 10am and 3pm to 5pm. That is when I’m getting the decision maker on the phone easier. It’s all about the numbers with this one. The more you call the sooner someone will say yes. Once you get the hang of it too it will flow easier. I don’t have a way of building lead at the moment, but I Google search any industry and call from there. I find companies that don’t have mobile friendly website and call.

I hope you’re able to use some or all of these to help with your freelancing. Freelancing can be tough to start but hang in there if you’re just starting. It takes time to build a portfolio and clientele. Once you build your portfolio you’ll be able to use your clients as lead sources as well. If your work shows off your skills they will refer you to people they know and meet.