why your business needs a mobile friendly website

1. Everyone is on Mobile

We are at the point where more than 80% of Americans have a smart phone. That means 80% of Americans are either disliking your website or loving your website. What are the user experiences of your site? I hope it’s not disliking. If it is, that may be why you’re here. Keep reading all the tips so you can see what having a mobile friendly website is great for business.

2. More than half of the web traffic is mobile

Has your website been lacking in traffic? It might have something to do with the fact it’s not responsive or possibly content (content is another blog post). Google estimates that 60-80% of Internet traffic is coming from a mobile device. That’s billions of people!

Everyone likes traffic on their website right? Don’t let your old website ruin what could be hot leads. You want to make more money correct? Well you need traffic and traffic isn’t going to come without a responsive website. Google favors responsive web designs.

3. Mobile users behave differently

Users behave differently on mobile and tablet devices. They tend to spend more, they tend to consume high amounts of visual media, and lots of social media.

It’s easier for a user to grab their phone and buy something they just saw advertised than it would be to open up the laptop and log on or walk to the desktop. Don’t think because of the type of business you’re in your clients don’t use your website on mobile or tablet devices, BECAUSE THEY DO!

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4. Mobile users buy more

Smartphones don’t account for a lot of sales or even big sales. Those users usually buy low ticket items. But don’t worry that’s where tablets make up for it. Tablet users, on the other hand, have the highest average transaction value of any device, including desktops.

5. Google favors mobile responsiveness

For some time now, Google has favored mobile friendliness in its SERP rankings. As of the last year or so mobile responsiveness is even more important. Ever notice why you see ‘mobile’ below websites on Google when searching on mobile. Google’s algorithms crawl websites on a daily basis and if your website isn’t mobile friendly Google lowers your rank more and more. If you are serious about improving your organic traffic (or simply not losing it), you need to optimize your website for mobile.

6. Great mobile websites differentiate your brand

The reality is that many sites remain unoptimized for mobile and tablet devices. According to a survey, only 60% of small business websites are responsive.

What does this mean for your business?

It means you have a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition. Statistically, almost half of your competitors could have unoptimized sites. Furthermore, a big chunk of those who have implemented responsive design are probably doing a pretty poor job of it.

Optimize your website for mobile and tablet is an easy way to immediately gain an edge.

7. Builds credibility

The users gain trust and know you’re staying on top of new technology. If a user visits a website that’s not mobile friendly how will they think the owner takes care of their office or clients. People say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but basically everyone does. This is the same for websites. Everyone judges websites within the first 3 seconds of visiting the home page. So don’t lose their trust in the first 3 seconds. Build your credibility and make users want to come back to your website.

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