I think everyone should start blogging if they are not already. It can be a tool to better your future with whatever reason you are blogging for.

1. It’s fun. Blogging is a way to express your thoughts, opinions, or share other people’s stories. It’ll help you better formulate your ideas and share them with the World. The more you blog the more fun it will be and the better you will get. It is your personal journal in a sense, so speak your mind.

2. Become a better writer. Just like anything else you do the more you blog the better writer you will become. It takes practice to be a great writer and learn the skills to use while writing. It is like riding a bike in a way, it is tough to get started, but once you get going you get better and never forget how to do it. Being a better writer will help your communication skills as well.

3. Learn new things. Blogging is a complete learning experience. You will learn how to better word your blog and titles to help drive in new traffic. As you blog you will also learn a lot about yourself with the topics your write about or all the new things you explore to then write about.

4. Networking. With blogging you will be able to reach out to new potential clients or visitors to your website. Also, you can find other people like you and create a larger network for you. Creating a bigger network is key to being found and bringing in new clients. Having a big network will create so many new things for you to explore. You will be happy about blogging.

5. Create new opportunities. Blogging can open a door for many new opportunities for you. By blogging about certain topics search engines can pick that up and use it to your advantage. People from all over the World will see your blog posts and result in maybe a new career or a number of other great opportunities.

6. It’s your best way of advertisement. By blogging you are able to build your online brand. Bringing in new traffic to your website will be a great thing for business. This way the new visitors can explore your website and see what you have to offer with hopes of turning them into new clients. Without blogging it will be harder for your website to be found, that is if you are not paying an arm and a leg for SEO.

7. Make money. If your blog has a lot of visitors or followers you have an opportunity to cash in on monetizing your blogs. You may not make a lot from having ads or paid content on your website but anything helps these days. You can even offer eBooks you may have written or other things you can sell to the visitors. There are many ways to make money from your blog and Google’s Adsense is a good place to start.