When having a designer and client relationship the communication can be difficult. Sometimes the designer doesn’t know exactly how to ask for the materials he needs or how the pages will look. Then you have the client not always knowing how to explain how they want the website designed.
Well I’m going to help you learn how to get what you want from your designer while keeping them happy.

1. Have Registrar Info
This may sound like gibberish but all this means is they’ll need your hosting and domain info. For example, if you purchased your domain from Godaddy you’ll want to share your log in credentials with your designer. This way when the designer needs to launch the website they can do it with no hiccups.

2. Content with details
It makes life so much easier to build a website when the client has all the content up front. Add details to your content so the designer knows how you want things to look and where you want them. This will also help the speed of the development of your website. If you want specific pages put that in your detailed content. This way the designer knows exactly what to develop at the beginning of the project.

3. Have website examples
Have at least 3-4 website examples of what you like. This way you can give the designer easy ideas to mimic and put their own touch on things. It’s hard as a designer to not know what the client has a taste for and likes on websites. There are so many cool features and techniques the designer can use to make your website unique. All you have to do is give them some ideas it’s that easy. So be prepared with and do some searching around the Internet.

4. Have a budget
A designer needs to know what they’re working with as far as budget. It may sound greedy but the designer needs to know. Knowing how much to work with helps the designer plan out his timeline and what to implement. Also, if it’s a small budget it’s easier to use a template that has 50% of the work already done. This way they spend less time on coding and more on the designing of the pages. Hourly rates vary depending on skill level and the website needs, at leas they do for me.

Happy designer happy website! Keep your designer happy and your website is going to turn out great. It’ll keep everyone on track and make sure your website gets launched in a timely manner. There is no need for a website to be left on the back burner. If you need a new website get it up as fast as you can. It’s your store front online and your market place. Make sure to give your customers and visitors that wow feeling when they first get on your website.

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