Want to become an SEO wizard?

Now you can become an expert with a new software from a French startup called Botify. The company has recently raised $7.2 million with a Series A round of investing from Idinvest and Ventech. The software makes it easy for people to get insights on optimization strategies. Using the software-as-a-service makes it possible to easily crawl your own website to get valuable information. In their words, “Botify crawls your website to increase your traffic and revenue using actionable, reliable and up-to-date data.”

What is interesting about Botify is that it does not actually optimize anything for you. Instead, the software will show you data to be able to make optimization changes to your site. You can kind of look at it like an analytic tool for SEO. Expanding with customers and investing the company is already over 6,000 users. Some companies include Ebay, Yellowpages, Homeaway, and Expedia.

Botify is very fast and can handle very large data. Your able to analyze as many URLs as you want for a single website. It gives you options to schedule analyses on current performance and monitor progress over time. A rundown the software is able to crawl your website, crunch data, track down problems, generate reports, and makes all data searchable. You do not have to be a Web or IT genius to work the tools. They are offering to get started for free right now, checkĀ Botify out.

SEO Best Practices

Improving your SEO is a big thing these days. With competitors using SEO and new competitors popping up all the time, it is a must for SEO. That is one reason why it will be easy for Botify to excel. Almost every company has a need for Search Engine Optimization. Bringing more traffic to websites is a great way to create new clients. Anything that can improve the company’s bottom line is a great thing.

Pricing plans vary and Botify has 3 plans to choose from ranging around $569 to $2,500. They do give savings if you pay annually. This looks like it will be the future of SEO. Anyone can learn how to do it when it is broken down so easily. The interface is so friendly and easy to navigate. Feel free to let me know what you think about if or if you plan on using it anytime soon. I would love to hear people’s responses.
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